• Around 900 products in the range
  • Variety of up to 5 shelf units
  • High surface area productivity with elaborate systems

Chains, Ropes, Straps


Compact and clear

  • Overview and information for the consumer, among other things by means of a line-up of individual reels arranged staggered one behind the other.
  • optimal sales productivity per unit of space


Sales productive per unit of area and consumer-friendly

  • This special presenter combines the apparent differences perfectly.
  • The staggered arrangement of the reels makes it possible to accommodate a lot of items clearly on one shelf.
  • The special system for leading decorative chains from the rear reels to the presentation board keeps order on the POS.


Simple handling for customers and specialist advisers

  • The heavy A and C link chains are presented in bulk.
  • In a short time the customer can obtain an overview of the goods on offer.
  • The articles, sizes and lengths required are quickly available and comparable.


Easy customer guidance

We provide each of our complex ranges with special guidance and information for customers! Thus also in the case of Chains & Ropes:

  • If the pictograms we use are not understood as self-explanatory by each consumer, we also provide an explanation of them as well.
  • At the same time we also bear in mind those of the consumers with poorer sight and use large type faces.
  • Our highlight: Product applications requiring special explanation are presented and explained live in addition.