• Up to 6 units of specialist products
  • Broad product range with over 1,000 products
  • Numerous special solutions

Furniture Fittings

Product presentation

In its concept for shelf presentations, suki attaches very great importance to self-explanatory and thus customerfriendly details.

  • Product variants requiring explanation are often shown in the application on the model. Example 1: Drawers slides
  • Taking hold of things and trying them out is not only possible here, but expressly wished for
  • Depending on the complexity of the topic, further pieces of product information are provided
  • Product advantages, ways of functioning or particular properties in later use are shown off to their optimal advantage. Example 2: Sliding door fittings
  • Alphabetical or numerical guidance systems give orientation from the model example to the appropriate product on the shelf
  • Exceptional technical challenges require exceptional measures to explain them visually: For example, in order to make the tricks of fitting clear, quite special POS solutions are developed. Example 3: Spring hinges mounted on “mini doors” made of Plexiglas.

Our assortments

Draw runners for the kitchen, store-room, hobby room or wardrobe:


Sliding door fittings for glass doors


Cup hinges for cabinet doors of all kinds


Cabinet and flap fittings


Drawer runners and sliding door fittings

The range covers very different fields of application with differing design variants in each case. A numerical guidance system also helps customers to find their way round here.


Hinges and furniture locks

Different quality grades offer solutions for every customer requirement in this segment, too.


Furniture connecting fittings

Furniture construction or repair – the appropriate shelf unit offers all accessory parts here, too.


Wall and floor protection

Stains, stripes or scratches are particularly annoying on newly decorated walls and floors. Therefore we offer suitable product solutions for these areas, too: