• Around 5,000 items in the range
  • Portfolio of 8 tool brands
  • Around 50% of the range comes from Europe

Hand Tools

Product presentation

  • Many years of expertise in the development of products and product ranges
  • End-user friendly, self-explanatory presentation of products and shelf displays
  • Highest quality for all requirements
  • Sophisticated combination of design and functionality
  • The focus is always on environmental protection, sustainability and social competence
  • Space-optimised presentation for optimum capital commitment and the highest turnover per article

    Shelf dividers and headers

    provide the end-user with a guide and make it easier to find the products.


    Clearly laid out merchandising system

    for space-saving presentation for screwdrivers.


    Quick-Finder icons

    size specification and pictogram for the corresponding screw drive on the side and the head of the handles make it easier to search for the right tool.


    Clearly arranged drawer system


    Sample presentation toolkit

    makes it possible to clearly identify the contents.


    Secondary placement option in the pillar

    Cross-selling to perfection - for high additional revenues.


    Information cards

    explain the properties and applications of the products.