• Global sourcing network
  • More than 10 own brands
  • Approximately 10,000,000 kg of goods per year


Customer-oriented selection concepts with high product diversity and optimum use of space – the ideal solution to every requirement!

  • Multilingual packaging and pictograms allow selections to be used internationally
  • Individual packaging design based on high quality standards – in line with customer requirements
  • Brand development and perfect implementation of the corporate designs of our customers
  • Successful selling requires successful presentations – our POS solutions especially offer the ideal in-store presentation
  • We keep track of the latest developments and are there to satisfy the changing demands of retailers and consumers.
  • Information systems and guiding systems help consumers easily find what they are looking for
  • High sales per unit area by the optimum use of sales space
  • Low tie-up of capital and high goods turnover by means of packaging units tailored to the market
  • Capability and flexibility in goods presentation and selection design
  • Higher sales by means of intelligent additional and secondary placements