• Sourcing focus in Europe
  • High level of creative innovation and high quality
  • Sales of around 20 million metres of window and door seals per year

Self-Adhesive Solutions

suki demonstrates its skills in the area of self-adhesive product solutions with the fix-o-moll brand. The origins of this successful brand for the core product ranges of surface protection and sealants go back as far as 1905. The features that characterise fix-o-moll products are constant optimisation of the range, the quality of the product and packagings tailored to end-consumers.

Surface protection

Sensitive substrates and high-quality surfaces are safely protected by the wide range of furniture sliders and products to protect walls and furniture. A particular product highlight are bigduo parquet sliders that protect the finest parquet from ugly scratches.



Well-sealed doors and windows keep out cold, draughts, noise and dust and allow a huge improvement in energy efficiency - especially in older buildings. These self-adhesive fix-o-moll seals are a simple but fast and effective way of saving energy and heating costs.


Adhesive tapes and touch fasteners

Whether crepe tapes for painters and decorators, mounting tapes, repair tapes, fabric tapes and insulating tapes – fix-o-moll offers a wide selection of self-adhesive tapes. Touch fasteners are the problem-solvers for universal use. The wide range of versions – self-adhesive, for application by stitching or ironing, punched parts, as fasteners or belts – allow their use in a variety of different ways.


Practical aids

The practical aids from fix-o-moll offer quick and easy assistance for many problems of everyday life. Differing attachment options – self-adhesive, self-bonding and reusable – offer solutions for the widest range of requirements - in the kitchen, bathroom or household. The latest products to join this category are self-adhesive hooks and nameplates that can be attached without using glue or drilling holes and always be detached again without leaving a trace.