• Almost 1,000 articles
  • Broad range of products from a regular hinge to a heavy gate fitting
  • Extensive CE marking on the products

Wood Connectors

Production of our wood connectors takes place in accordance with German as well as European laws, regulations and directives, for example the Marketing of Construction Products Regulation. Many products even have a Building Inspectorate Approval.

suki gives its customers constant qualities and maximum safety through

  • the technical trade terms stipulated by suki
  • continuous initial sample – and incoming goods inspection in suki’s own testing lab
  • constant sources of supply and few changes of suppliers


Apart from quality, environmental friendliness, sustainability and social components are right at the top for suki.

All wood connector articles in the suki range, which are not of European origin, therefore come from SA 8000 certified production facilities. SA 8000 makes the same demands on a company as the Code of Conduct of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) contains, however, in addition, a management system comparable with the ISO 9001.

The standard has, among other things, the objective of improving the working conditions of employees. In addition, it serves companies as a minimum requirement for social and working standards.

Our assortments

Door and window fittings

for the construction or repair of garden houses, doors and window shutters – always the right fitting.


Bolts and locks

small clasps for the home-made wooden box or heavy bolts for doors – It’s better to be on the safe side.


Fence hardware fittings

own garden fences, pasture fences and terraces - With hardware fittings for round or squared timber.


Hinges and straps

for small caskets or heavy gates - suki offers the entire range.


Light brackets and flat connectors

for the household and small constructions made of wood - The best-sellers in the promotion pack.


Heavy brackets and flat connectors

Build a sturdy and safe construction - With CE tested construction products.


Post anchors – Supporting shoes

For imbedding in concrete or screwing on – always a firm stand.


Special connectors

for roof constructions and carports – all the products required from one source.