Able to satisfy every requirement – the brand world of suki.

Just like the projects of our ultimate customers differ, so do their demands of the products. Our modular brand structure based on the principle good-better-best enables us to offer flexible solutions to suit the most varying requirements.


Our corporate brand unites all activities, business units and brands under a common name.

suki topdeal

Our price-entry brand for all basic selections and promotions. Good quality at a fair price always.


Our product brand for our basic selections. This brand always stands for quality, innovation and ease of use. All products and services are always state-of-the-art and a must for every retailer.


This top brand primarily stands for self-adhesive products in the segments of surface protection, household aids, seals and adhesive tapes. The core attributes of this brand are smart, innovative, high-quality and tailored to the end-user.


The best in the range of wood-bonding agents. Selected top articles with a special coating for particularly effective protection against corrosion – unique on the market and only from suki.


Own brands

Our company places great emphasis on own brands. Individual and tailor-made solutions developed jointly with our trading partners call for the highest degree of expertise and experience. Whether we are designing to precise specifications or during our own creative process, we are always right on target.