Always highly coveted – holiday jobs at suki.

Not without good reason are holiday jobs at suki in Landscheid very popular with school pupils and students. Where else can you become acquainted with different career options and working procedures in a medium-size company and improve your finances at the same time?

For this reason, suki offers a limited number of holiday jobs in various departments during the holiday period every year. Requirements are not only a minimum age of 16 years, but also a willingness to work with interest and dedication for two weeks.

If you would like to apply for a holiday job, please send us an e-mail with your details (name, age, address, contact details and desired period and previous knowledge/school/higher education). Many thanks and maybe see you soon! GmbH

Ms Nicole Junk-Hofer

HR Department

Suki-Str. 1

54526 Landscheid

Fon: 06575 71 290