Holistic thinking – our contribution to environmental protection

The declared intention of suki is not only to comply with statutory requirements, but also to incorporate the aspects of holistic and sustainable environmental protection in the best possible way in all relevant business operations and thereby constantly improve environmental protection at all levels.

For this reason, we attempt, in our everyday acts and decisions, to combine economic efficiency and environmental protection whenever possible and feasible.

For example, all articles at suki are packaged in the smallest possible format – and with just the amount of packaging that is absolutely necessary. Our packagings are made mostly from recycled materials. We also cooperate with certified partner companies in the recycling of materials.

Some of our products already bear the FSC logo. This logo identifies products whose manufacture conforms to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and in which at least 70% FSC-certified timber was used.

But suki is also leading the way forward in energy and sustainability. For example, our buildings and plants are constantly being modernised. Our employees are also very aware of sustainable and responsible handling of resources – not only with the aim of reducing cost but mainly to protect the environment. We have appointed our own sustainability and environmental-protection officer for this reason.