Reliably to every destination

Speed, efficiency and absolute reliability: suki demonstrates its performing capability in its handling of more than 30,000 articles with a delivery quota of over 97% to more than 4,500 sales outlets in more than 40 different countries. Electronic orders received and order processing is supported by our IT-based logistics system, which allows flexible adaptation to the constantly changing needs of the industry.

Thanks to optimum warehouse management and the latest “pick-by-scan“ technology combined with the most up-to-date logistics organisation that uses automated high-bay warehouses and optimised job-picking lines, we succeed in providing the perfect support to sales units at all times.

If you wish, we can also arrange procurement on your behalf directly from the producer to your central store. We assist you with order processing, arrange customs clearance for you and deliver on schedule to the required destination.

Of course, we need people for this, too. Experienced employees, some who have more than 20 years of experience, monitor the processes and ensure maximum efficiency.

Consequently, goods shipped from our central store in Landscheid take only 5 working days to reach their destination within the EU and are delivered within 48 hours in Germany. That's why we say: fast, faster, suki.